Merry Christmas Everyone!

In the spirit of Christmas, I think I better continue updating my blog while it's still having a good run (at least to me cuz i've been updating!). There is just so much Christmas Spirit in everyone this year. Never had it better celebrating with friends and family.

Had a good Christmas Eve Party which was hosted by Mabel which was a day earlier before the actual day for some reason. It was a steamboat party thing that involved cute looking tofu just like this (a picture i took from mabel's facebook because I did not bring my camera as usual which I must do more often now!!)

Even Desmond JUST had it TOO GOOD!! (Another picture I took from Desmond's facebook, everythings on facebook so I did not really have to bring a camera)

Now I was probably gonna end my blog here, but you're probably wondering what I got for Christmas this year. You see, as I get older, Christmas doesn't quite come together with presents anymore with most times ending with dinner and wine only. Its my fault because I generally don't expect anything during Christmas other than the quality time I get to spend with family and friends.Yes this is as true as it gets! Generally, SANTA CLAUSE stopped coming to my house to put presents under the tree a long time back.

It's almost the same as how my Ang Pow for Chinese New Year happens to get smaller and smaller as I get older. (If it's only me, you better TELL ME!!TEELLL ME!!!)

But this year, things are rather different. This year I received a present and got this.

A Star.

A Star cookie cutter which is used to bake a cake. A gift that came from none other than the generous host of the Christmas Eve Party.

Now generally I don't know what to do with it yet or EVER because I don't bake cakes at all, but such a gift although it may not have cost much, I would forever remember it as my CHRISTMAS GIVE for a very long time. Means' a lot to me. So next time if you're wondering why I have this star cookie cutter in my room, you know why.

By saying all of this, I don't expect Square Cookie Cutter to come next year okay!

So, knowing what I got for Christmas this year, what did you get this year??can't be a coincidence that you got a cookie cutter would it EVER!! haha...

Anyway that's pretty much how Christmas look like for me this year. You can just tell that the year is just going to end very nicely.

With that Merry Christmas and hope things will turn out for the better next year!!